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Questions And Answers

What is an ebook?

An ebook (short for ‘electronic book’) is a digital version of a traditional print book.

Our ebooks can be read on a variety of devices. These devices include:

  • Personal computers, both PC and Mac via eReader
  • Smartphones like Apple iPhone
  • Tablets like Apple iPad

The ebook experience requires two elements: the ebook file (EPUB) itself and a device or app that can display that file like a Kindle or Apple Books on an iPhone, iPad or MacBook.

What are the benefits of reading ebooks?

In most cases, ebooks are cheaper than paper books.

  • Instant worldwide availability – just download the ebook instead of waiting for your mail to arrive or local release.
  • Full text searchability experience – search your entire ebook set for a specific phrase or keyword.
  • Convenience – loading several novels and book series onto a portable handheld device.

How Many Books Can I Download Per Day?

As many as you want, we recommend downloading as many as you truly intend on reading.

Can I Cancel My Trial Anytime?

Yes! Although we’d hate to see you go, you can cancel anytime, anywhere. Simply log in and hit cancel on your dashboard.

If I Cancel, What Happens To The Books I Download?

No Limits on Downloads: Keep whatever you download, no matter what.


Our focus is on getting more books in peoples hands, not on profiting from exorbitant fees. Our affordable one-time payment of $49 helps us maintain a fast, secure, and safe platform.

How Often Are New Books Added?

Typically, several news books are added every week. As a member, there’s no need to search. We send a weekly newsletter with direct links to new titles.

Can I open an ebook in Apple Books (formerly iBooks)?

Apple (IOS) users can read ebooks in the EPUB format on their computers and mobile devices using Apple’s Books app (formerly called iBooks).

Apple Books works perfectly with the EPUB format! Just tap on your ebook after downloading it and choose “Open in Apple Books”.

Can I read these ebooks on my Kindle?

Absolutely! You can read these ebooks like any other you buy on Amazon in the Kindle app.

How do I transfer my ebooks on my Kindle?

One question that often comes up is how to load ebooks onto a new Kindle.


If you have some non-Amazon ebooks like ours then there are several ways to load them on a Kindle.


Here are three different and common ways to load ebooks on a Kindle:


  1. Send to Kindle Apps – This is the quickest and easiest way to send documents, PDFs, and non-Amazon ebooks to a Kindle. With a Send-to-Kindle app you can send files from your computer or Android device, and articles from a web browser. They get delivered wirelessly to your Kindle so you don’t have to mess with using a USB cable to sideload. Works with the following formats: EPUB and PDF which we all offer!
  2. Email – This basically works the same as using the send to Kindle apps above but with email instead. No need to install anything, just send files to your Kindle using email. Works with the same formats listed below. If you add “convert” to the subject line for PDFs they will be converted to Kindle format, which effectively works the same as PDF reflow.
  3. Sideload via USB – If you own a Kindle device you have the option to download all your purchased Kindle ebooks directly from your Amazon account using the Manage Your Content and Devices page. You can then sideload them to your Kindle from a computer using a USB cable, a helpful option if you don’t have Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can wirelessly send ebooks to your Kindle from the MYKD page by selecting “deliver to” from the actions menu.

For more information about Send-to-Kindle feature, kindly check out this helpful guide.

Do you have any mobile apps recommendations?

For Apple All Devices : we highly recommend using Apple Books browse and read EPUB files


For Android Mobile Devices: we highly recommend using Google Books or Moon+ Reader

Can I access my ebook(s) offline?

Yes, you can access your ebook offline on computer, mobile and tablet devices, and as long as the device is in your possession, feel free to share your ebook across all of your devices.

Can I search within the ebooks?

Definitely! You can search using a keyword through the full-text of most of the ebooks.

How long do I have to wait to download my ebook?

Your ebooks will be available immediately.

Do Your Support Authors?

Absolutely! We give away physical books (at our expense) every time we get a new member.

What do I do if I’m having a problem downloading or accessing my ebooks?

Don’t worry, we are here to help!

We will need some information from you to help us solve your problem.

Problems don’t happen often but when they do they are usually quick and easy to resolve.

Please get in touch with us at [email protected] or chat with us by clicking the chat icon on the bottom right corner of our website.

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